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Beyond the Spill Trailer

Last summer when we were planning this project and listing out the people and organizations we wanted to connect with in the Gulf, it was hard to imagine what the end product would look like.

But now, eight months later, with our curriculum finished and a book in the works it’s all starting to come together.

Thanks to Uncage the Soul Productions, the trailer for our upcoming documentary has now been put together. Watching it brings back a lot of memories; of the people we met, of what we saw, of what we heard and what we felt.

But the main lesson? This is far from over. As many of us have watched the trailer we’ve been reminded as to how many more stories from the region there are to be told.

That the conversation has to keep going.

Beyond the Spill Trailer from Uncage the Soul Productions on Vimeo.

Please help us keep this conversation going by donating to help fund the production of this documentary. Click here to make your contribution.




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