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A New Way to Track the Presence of Toxic Oil Contaminants in Sensitive Ecosystems


Research by Leslie Slasor at Oregon Health Sciences University Hydrocarbon pollution has been, and will continue to be, a problem in marine environments.   Extraction, transportation and consumption of petroleum products[1] are the main forms of hydrocarbon pollution.  The recent tragedy of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill emphasized a need for better, more precise instrumentation [...]

The Gulf Oil Spill and its Effects on Ecosystem Services by Junu Shrestha


Along 3,086 miles of coastline in Louisiana, and 1,598 miles of mostly beaches in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, oil from the BP spill of summer 2010 has been detected. These areas cover sensitive habitats and valuable ecosystems such as wetlands, submerged aquatic vegetation, beaches, mudflats, and deep and shallow corals. The spill poses a significant [...]

Helicopters over Deep Water Horizon and Questioning Media in the Gulf, Part 1


We wake up in Mobile, Alabama, early, and head for Houma, Louisiana. We’ve arranged to get on a BP-sponsored helicopter flight over the Louisiana bayou and head offshore some 60 miles to the site where this whole thing started, where many oilmen died in an explosion. I’m with an activist from the Audubon Society and [...]