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Triennial International Oil Spill Conference: The Worldwide Oil Industry Response to the BP Oil Spill


Last April Mike Rosen, organizer of the PDX 2 Gulf Coast project, attended the 21st Triennial International Oil Spill Conference 2011 in Portland Oregon.  Here is what he observed. Anyone who is still skeptical that the 200 million gallons of oil carelessly released into the Gulf of Mexico during spring/summer of 2010 has magically disappeared and [...]

The Gulf Oil Spill and its Effects on Ecosystem Services by Junu Shrestha


Along 3,086 miles of coastline in Louisiana, and 1,598 miles of mostly beaches in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, oil from the BP spill of summer 2010 has been detected. These areas cover sensitive habitats and valuable ecosystems such as wetlands, submerged aquatic vegetation, beaches, mudflats, and deep and shallow corals. The spill poses a significant [...]

Can We Expect Real accountability and Real Change?


In August two members of  the PDX 2 Gulf Coast team flew over the Deepwater Horizon spill site. Three months ago, Bob Sallinger’s words still carry heavy meaning. We’re featuring his post as a reminder that none of this is over, and the fight continues. I’m a vampire, babe, suckin’ blood from the earth I’m [...]

Precious Cargo


Towards the end of our trip, I held the fate of 42 members of an endangered species in my hands. Literally. In an effort to save endangered sea turtles from the Deep Horizon spill, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has implemented a massive turtle egg relocation initiative. Share the Beach is a key partner. [...]

A Visit to the Hammond Oiled Wildlife Rehabilitation Center


One of the most striking things about the Hammond Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is that the people working there use terms of war to describe it. They call the oil-spill affected area, “The Arena,” and the oiled intake, intensive care and carcass processing units, “Hot Zones.” The site is unmarked — no signs along the road [...]

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